Monday, July 3, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature DIY Tutorials

Like you, I LOVE dollhouse miniatures!

I'm an avid collector of all things miniature. Supplies. Artisan work. Tutorials. 

Intrinsic to our interest is DIY. 

With that in mind, I've started a new board on one of my favorite sites, Pinterest. 

Here is a link to my boards. 

I'll continue to add to these boards on a regular basis. 

Sue xo

Sunday, April 24, 2016

How to make A Chateau into your very own . . .

How to make a Chateau into your very own.

Day 1 :

I read the directions :0

(There aren't any Cliff Notes . . . Do you remember those familiar yellow & black covers : / )

But you don't need Cliff. The instructions are concise & clear.

I marked each piece of wood with a pencil & the individual piece number "2a" or "6f" etc. (The part numbers are all illustrated in the instructions)

Next step . . .

Painting. Inside & out. (Putting a base coat on the interior is important.

Even if you'll be wallpapering . . . The paint seals the wood & your walls or wallpaper won't become discolored over time by just adding this one little step.

I'll need to go to Ace tomorrow to choose an exterior color that fits my vision.

Though I see taupe & a cream color for trim, I wonder if it could be more interesting.

Hmmm . . . Those colors are very tasteful. . .

Im just wondering what "pushing the envelope" a bit will bring. . .

I think the reward may outweigh the "risk".

I recommend that you make this house full of your own personal preferences.

I always say. "Go with what you love & you'll never have regrets".

Next. Consider your floor plan & available space.

What rooms would you like to create?

These are YOUR available rooms. Do with them what you will :))

Before wiring for electricity, think about where you'd like to place lighting . . .
Chandeliers . . .  Sooo romantic!! Table lamps. Floor lamps.

You'll need to keep in mind the fixtures you'll want. Plan for these chandeliers, wall sconces & table lamps.

Personally, I'm the person who just needs to cover ALLL of her bases by wrapping copper electrical
tape fully around & on top of every room so that I know that all of my options are open to me.

Ahh. The freedom of options. Takes some sweat equity up front but, then, the world is your oyster.

So. Being someone who multitasks lol . . . I'm thinking about my color choices. (The fun part!)

I need to define the purpose of each room.

Where do I want wallpaper?

& of course, where do I want light fixtures. OR. Where do I have electricity available?

I hope this glimpse into my project will be helpful to you with your own project(s).

Maybe I can lend an idea or a tip. Hope so.

Dollhouses are nothing if they are not yours.

Susan xo

This Chateau dollhouse kit is available in my shop. Http://

Friday, April 15, 2016

Gorgeous Half Scale Furniture Now Available. . .

Hello friends.
Quality Bespaq furnishings are available from MiniatureRoseGarden.
One inch scale of course. But half inch scale also!
New Kitchen pieces. From beautiful cabinets (upper & lower) in a beautiful stained finish as well as charming painted options in sage green or white with marble or Country Cream. There is an island, stove, sink, refrigerator, stove hood. Those cabinets are worth mentioning again.
Great bedroom pieces, pianos as well as billiard tables.
All in 1/2 scale & beautifully finished by Bespaq, the leader in quality detailed miniatures.
Message me at I'll be happy to send pictures.
One Inch Scale is not left behind. Bathrooms, pianos & pool tables. Stunning Bedroom sets & charming nurseries as well as grandfather clocks & the Baby houses are gorgeous.
It's all wonderful & elegant. If you have a preference for stained pieces, you must see these.
Let me know how I can help.
My best! Susan xo

Friday, November 13, 2015

What inspires you?

                             What Inspires You? . . . To create.

Beautiful COLORFUL Flowers?

Monday, August 4, 2014

I must say, I'm so excited! At Miniature Rose Garden, Http:// , I take time, effort and care into my wallpaper choices. AND I've found my favorite wallpaper of all time! Soft blush tones, the perfect shade of green - ROSES, of course - and vintage charm.

Here's another beauty that's great for a girl's room or nursery

Another gorgeous wallpaper in the Romantique line.

If you love clean and crisp and your favorite color, blue!

Such a classic, roses and sage green.

A turn of the last century classic that remains such today, Subway Tile . . . that you don't have to cement tile by tile - Subway Tile wallpaper!

Tonal without being flat paint, so much richer and more textural, Sage Green with a subtle tone on tone Rose print.

Looking for period wallpaper without the rage of a screaming print? Here's a tone on tone golden Wheat. . . Nature is the Classic of all Classics.

This looks blue damask in the shop and in person . . . Vintage beauty and - not unlike my wedding dress! (Okay, it was my 2nd however True Love marriage!)

Looking for neutral? You don't need to go with a one dimensional paint . . . another Ode to Nature and a classic beauty as well.

Please feel free to stop by, have a look or make a request . . . Need a certain look that you don't see? or another scale? We can get half AND quarter inch for you. 

Another beautiful day in the MiniatureRoseGarden :)
xoxo Susan


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Sunday, July 27, 2014


I have a "WOW" Special Offer for you . . . 


This SPECIAL opportunity is for One Week Only!

Let your fingers do the walking . . . No. Running . . . No crowds . . . Purchase the miniatures you've had your eye on . . . A dollhouse perhaps?


Here are just some of the items that can travel to your home - at no charge :)

                                                       The Magic is in The Details



Monday, July 14, 2014

A Miniature Life Begins At 9 . . . In A Closet . . .

I'm so excited - slowly but surely - after 40 years of being in love with miniatures, I reached an odd milestone recently lol . . 
When I was 9, I was lucky to stumble upon my first miniatures shop. Who knew such an oasis excited!? I was immediately hooked. My personality must have been similar then - enthusiastic! - because the nice man who worked there came over and handed me a great gift, a catalog of miniatures to take home! I was mesmerized. I took it home and spent hours paging through that catalog, dreaming and making wish lists of all that I would buy. . . of course, I had never earned money but that didn't squelch my spree till I stopped and did some math. Unfortunately, math was a good subject for me and my hunger for dollhouse accessories was vast. I was disappointed and thought, "Someday.".
We had moved to a new state, new town, new house that year. We had lived in a modest home in New York yet when we transitioned to Atlanta, GA, the house was new with updated features like . . .Much to my delight . . . my new room had a small walk in closet with 3 shelves! The lowest 2 were at my level. (Does anyone remember the days of sitting in a chair with your legs dangling? I thought "I'll be really grown up when they touch the floor!" lol - Just an aside for those of us that are vertically challenged.
My mother was deep in "feather the nest" mode so she had lots of  fabrics and other samples that caught my eye.
We had moved in the summer and I didn't know anyone. Luckily, I was a bright and creative child and my attention turned to my closet and my mind was clear to imagine. I created sofas from cookie boxes, a Christmas tree from the Holly bushes, wrapped Christmas presents with the playing card boxes. I don't remember much more detail and I don't have photos but the experience stayed with me forever.
Over the years, I learned to create more miniatures. I learned an old art form to make handmade rugs.
I hope I can remember the technique to create them for the shop. I love the way they look - very romantic, vintage.

Fast forward . . . In the wonderful of Etsy, I found miniatures again. I began collecting from all the beautiful artists. My creative passion welled up again and I started creating again as a great distraction to personal issues, illness etc. I opened Miniature Rose Garden in late 2011.

I recently chose from my personal collection, items that either I had made or many that I bought from all over the world (I love that about Etsy!!). I furnished my 1st house since those shelves 40 years ago

I'm delighted to share these pictures with you. (It's like a coming out party!)

This beautiful cherished house was made by my friend, Caroline Dupuis. 
She creates a world that everyone wishes they could live in! You can find the books that she's authored and her handmade creations in Etsy at CinderellaMoments.
This is her armchair below - the detail and love that Caroline puts into her pieces is truly touching! 
You can see Etsy's MinisbyNana babies playing in the corner. Vanessa creates such special dolls that - I'll tell you a secret: I always carry one or 2 in my purse in a special lace lined box - so that I can look at them whenever I need a smile. They never fail to re-happy my day. 
The toys that the girls are playing with are from the dear sweet women at LugArtPetit on Etsy. Two talented women whose Joie de Vivre comes right through in their art. Say hi to Maria Jose and Monica when you check out their creations. Their Facebook page is super to see their work also.
The fabulous plants to the left are made by Georgie Steeds of the TheMiniatureGardener on Etsy. Georgie's from the UK and has such a fabulous shop of every most beautiful plant kit that you can imagine.

I love sharing wonderful Etsy artists with you. You deserve them and they deserve you.

Here's a change of subjects, does anyone have a Golden doodle? We'd like to adopt. (A puppy lol)
 My husband is such a dog lover but I have developed rather bad allergies (like to cigarette smoke) - They came with a severe case of asthma so I'd really like to be careful. All I can really do is avoid triggers rather than control them.

 I understand that these dogs are allergy neutral - or an expression like that lol. I'd love to hear about your experiences, your advice and input with this breed. Or if you have others that you strongly recommend. 

My email is 

 I'm really excited about the changes taking place at the shop, so please check her out and let me know what you think :)                  Http://